How Remote Collaboration empowers technicians in the GBA

Reindustrialization does not have to be bricks and mortar. It is the people and the know-how which the city should retain.

For the folks working and living in Hong Kong, “East and West” can be paraphrased by “Near and Far”.  With access to a remote industrial service platform, technicians from Hong Kong can now take on any service requests across the GBA, without ever to leave Hong Kong.

To put things in perspective, the GBA (Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area) has approximately 10 times the population of Hong Kong. In spite of huge efforts and resources from the government on the reindustrialization initiatives, very little attention has been given to the acquisition and retention of industrial technology talents. The cause of the continued shortage of talents is obvious: there’s just isn’t enough industrial technology companies in Hong Kong. In the industrial robotics sector for example, none of the so-called “big-4” (ABB, Kuka, FANUC, Motoman) are established in Hong Kong. This means less practical experience opportunities for the young talents, and less earning potentials for them as well.

One of the creative ways to resolve this issue is to leverage remote technology, which eliminates the geographical boundaries and allow technicians in Hong Kong to be trained and able to take on service work across the Greater Bay Area. While being able to retain talents (and may be even attracting more), remote technology enables them to work in a borderless way while able to enjoy living in a beautiful city like Hong Kong.

This is part of what Cyclops AR wants to achieve and we look forward to meet like minded folks along a journey.

Learn more about Hong Kong’s Reindustrialization Initative and the viewpoint from one of our founders:

Hong Kong’s manufacturing goes back to the future

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