A 1-Stop Mobile source for Remote Industrial Service

Resolve and manage service requests instantly, and remotely.

Using remote communication, industrial AR & industrial IoT as enablers, Cyclops AR connects remote knowledge worker with on-site worker for collaborative technical resolution and aids service job management.

Main Features


Point-to-Point simultaneous remote session.
 It connects off-site expert with on-site worker to diagnose and rectify service issue collaboratively. 


A technical e-repository with work instructions that assist frontline workers in performing various operating and servicing tasks.  These work instructions come in both digital and in AR formats.


Our platform helps you track not only the location of each machine you sold, but also the warranty status of each of them. This helps both the machine user and vendor to better plan for service and maintenance activities.


Cyclops’s built-in service request management capability helps you coordinate job assignments and improve the overall technician’s utilization.  This also means that machine user’s service fulfillment can be optimized as well.


Cyclops’s ability to manage and maintain each expert’s technical credentials means that service quality is guaranteed, no matter whether the job is done by an internal expert, or via an outsourced service agent.


Each service session is recorded.  It helps both the machine user and the vendor to keep track on each service record.  In an unfortunate event where dispute occur, it helps provide constructive resolution.

Feedback from clients and advisors

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what they say:

We need to guarantee sufficient technical support from our machine suppliers to ensure a smooth start up of the production line and minimize all downtime.

M. Hinaga

Former Executive GM, Honda Canada & Honda Thailand

It becomes increasingly challenging to retain expert technicians as they are ageing and slowly leaving the workforce. Cyclops can help us connect semi-retired experts and new apprentices to do the service jobs together. 

V. Chan

Owner of HK Distributor & Service Agent, Japanese Heavy Equipment 

Your holy grail is mission-critical machines because they cannot afford to go down for a long time and your solution will definitely solves their wait time issues.

E. Chan

Owner, Building IoT System Company